Engage your team, enjoy your business & maximise profits

Boost Productivity

Are you getting to the end of the week, not really sure what you’ve accomplished? Have long hours become the norm? Get your time (and life) back with results focused strategies designed for you to enjoy your business, not be owned by it.

Maximise Profits

Don’t let your business take over your life. If you’re busier than ever but not generating more profit, then it’s time to make strategic changes to maximise and increase profits.

Propel Growth

Are you resolved to the idea that it’s impossible to find decent staff for your business? Find the best business model aligned to your idea of growth, leveraging your strengths and talents first.

Develop Culture

Want to spend more time working ON your business, but not able to delegate? Engage, drive, and empower your team to work with you to create change.

Business Strategy

Feeling burnt out and attempting to do it all? Rediscover why you went into business in the first place. Our remedy starts with strong business plan, easy to action strategies and inbuilt accountability. I help you shift from survive to thrive, achieving your goals and enjoying life.

My Specialties
Business Coaching

Group coaching and 1:1 coaching programs with focus areas to grow your business, including leadership development, team building, profit maximisation, sales, marketing, and client retention.

Speaking & Workshops

Whether it’s bringing your team together for strategy or development, our workshops are designed to engage and activate. Based upon my own leadership and business journey along with working with clients across a range of industries and occupations, I have developed a number of talks, trainings and workshops.

People Analytics

Communication is the glue that not only brings us together but also can either help or hinder progress towards achieving our goals. This workshop brings together years of experience plus leading research in understanding the different styles of communication so we can shift from being reactive to responsive, creating more ease in our working relationships, enhancing our ability to conduct healthy debate and discussion and lead through getting the best from your team.

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Coaching With Emma
Explore new perspectives and gain powerful insights with access to our people analytics and leadership tools. Our surveys include: 180 & 360 leadership development, employee engagement surveys, emotional intelligence and topical pulse questionnaires.
People Analytics

Explore new perspectives and gain powerful insights with access to our people analytics and leadership tools. Our surveys include: 180 & 360 leadership development, employee engagement surveys, emotional intelligence and topical pulse questionnaires.

DiSC Leadership Profile
Great leaders come in many shapes and forms. The challenge is developing their talents to make them as effective as possible. DiSC is recognised as a strong foundation in building leadership skills. Combining your DiSC profile with Emma’s coaching, you gain insights to help drive better business and team results along with an actionable pathway to become a more effective leader.
Communications Intelligence
Strengthen your communication skills with our two-day training program. In this workshop we address all strategic communication topics including interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, assertive skills, active listening and empathy skills.
Team Coaching
Assisting leaders and managers to achieve their goals and work effectively in a continuously changing environment, these coaching sessions are specifically designed to develop productive and effective leaders and teams.
People and Culture Programs
You know your people are your greatest assets and you are committed to having a culture where your team can flourish but you’re not quite sure how get there yet. Ask Emma about our People & Culture programs, specifically designed for leaders who want to put their people first.
5 Levels of Delegation
5 Levels of Delegation

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Business Coach for Small & Medium Businesses
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Business owners I help often start in one of these places:

  • You are a small and medium business owner feeling burnt out and needing to do it all. You used to love your business but recently have felt flat and drained. It’s time to reset, re-energise and get support.
  • You are running a small and medium business that ‘should’ be profitable, but somehow, after paying the bills, suppliers and maybe even a team, there never seems to be much (any!) money left over. You don’t seem to get the time or focus to figure it out but you know it’s costing you in profit…and in enjoying life (aka, the fruits of your labour).
  • Your small and medium size business is profitable and making money but at some point you’ve lost the spark that gets you up in the morning and are in need of new goals, inspiration and direction.
  • Your small and medium size business is established and making solid returns. Now the time has come for you to step up, empower your team and enjoy greater flexibility.

Years Experience

Number of leadership challenges solved

Number of DISC profiles facilitated

Hi, I’m Emma.

Emma has over 20 years of operational management, leadership, and human resources experience, with a focus on business and leadership coaching in the past 10 years. With her inclusive coaching style, rapport building, and people development skills.

Emma is a firm believer that all businesses large or small can flourish with access to quality programs. Taking a holistic approach to coaching businesses, Emma works with leaders and business owners to leverage their strengths, empowering the team, as well as creating workplaces that thrive and create change, enabling the business owner to build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.

Our Process

Four Steps to Your Success


Business Health Check session



Strategy session



Insights and Implementation



Success Story


Frequently Asked Questions
What are you business coaching areas of expertise?

My business coaching expertise includes three main areas: your businesses Performance Improvement; Profit Improvement and People & Productivity Improvement. Together, in those 3 key areas we work on how you promote your business, improving the profitability of your business and scaling your business so that it serves you (rather than you serving it!), I also work with managers to help them with developing leadership skills including being able to identify and connect with your strengths, to gain greater clarity of purpose and goals and increase your self-awareness and understanding in order to deliver success at work.

What benefits can business coaching deliver for my business? (aka does it work?)

Here’s what clients say…
Improved profitability, personal and business performance
Improved employee morale; more loyal and motivated staff
Preservation of high potential and top performance team
Higher customer retention
Enjoying work again! For many business owners this has been forgotten in the day to day grind and having to wear toomany hats.

How do you assess and measure the success of business coaching programs?

My business coaching programs are measured on ROI. My goal is to ensure your program not only pays for itself interms of money, time and enjoyment within your business.Right from the start, we’re working on setting the goals and business objectives. and that the work we do together ismeasured and includes several steps to ensure that it meets your business objectives. Each program is aligned to youroverall goals, so you are taking the actions that have a direct impact on the business goal. We set milestones forevaluating the business results, quantifying against the original measures of success.
Measuring return on investment can have different success steps depending on each businesses objectives, this caninclude:
Learning & Developmentlevel of core competency that is expected to be obtained as a direct result of the program.BehaviorchangeHas thebehaviorand mindset changed according to business goals as a result of the programBusiness resultsimpact on the business results that can be quantified or evaluated as a result of the training program.

What coaching results have other business owners seen?

From the owners who were working 70 hour+ weeks that are now only working 20 to the increased customerretention to the improved conversion rates and the engaged and motivated teams, the results speak for themselves.There are three main reasons why business coaching will work for you and your business. First, I will help you get 100%focused on your goals and the areas in your business which either make or lose you money. Second, I will keep youaccountable of getting the tasks done, both personal and in the running your business. You make an investment inyour success and I make sure to get you there. Thirdly, I teach you as many of profit building strategies as you need totake your business to the next level.

What other kinds of training & facilitation programs do you deliver?

My main training programs are communication training, leadership training and coaching skills for managers training. Ialso facilitate team days and strategy workshops for business owners and leaders. Each are customised to meet yourbusiness needs. Whether a single program or for the entire management team, I can tailor a plan in alignment withyour business goals. The process I undertake may include:
Discovery Needs analysis considering how the needs of the individual or team align with the business
Scope of the program define and agree a leadership program (including success indicators) with businesssponsorship
Delivery program training and workshops delivered to participants
Followup training a personal coaching session with participants to ensure the transfer of learning to the work environment
In addition, we can design, develop and provide programs including:
employee engagement, performance and development tools including:
 – engagement surveys
 – 180 and 360 Leadership development
 – sales skills
 – customer service capability
 – sales capability
 – emotional intelligence

Do you service a particular geographic region? (does it work over zoom/teams)

I am located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. However, my clients are from all across Australia and New Zealandand I work with about 80% of my work business coaching clients via zoom or teams. Clients who work near me stilloften prefer theconveinecof online to coming to my officealthough that’s always an option and we do have face toface opportunities available throughout the course of each program when required.Sharing documents, drawing diagrams, plotting timelines for action and brainstorming on whiteboards can all be doneboth online or in person.

I’ve only just started my business, is it worthwhile getting business coaching now?

Many of my coaching clients say that they wish they had started working with me earlier because they’d gone downthe wrong path with their business. Sometimes this can be as simple as knowing what kind of margins you should beexpecting, or it might be that they’ve wasted time with trying out too many different things because they weren’t surewhat to focus on when they first set up. Even if we only do 3 months work together to get your business starting in theright way, it could save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

I’ve been in business for years and it’s going ok, is it worthwhile getting business coaching now?

Short answer, yes. Being a business owner with an ok business is hard work and it doesn’t have to be that way. There isan African proverbto go fast to alone, to go far go together. Running and leading a business can be lonely and again,it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve worked with business owners who have got caught up in the day to day of runninga business and doing what needs to be done to keep afloat and overtime have lost the passion that drove them tomake their mark on their industry or profession. They’re ready to tap back into what really drives and motivates themand realise that getting differentpersepctives, feedback and truly pushing themselves out of theircomfortzonewillgive the the growth both personally and professionally that has been missing.

What my clients say

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