Ever found yourself being blind sided by a resignation from a top team member? One you thought was with you and the company all the way. Wasn’t it just last week that you and your star performer had a great discussion on the way to a client meeting?

What happened?!?

These are not uncommon questions for leaders to ask themselves after a resignation letter appears from “out of the blue!” While many businesses use exit interviews to find out why an employee is leaving, this comes far too late. Early opportunities are missed, engagement & productivity have already dropped, and more time, effort, and resources are spent on reactive hiring, training and reallocating workload. In contrast, proactively conducting Stay Interviews to elicit feedback from employees BEFORE one foot is out the door, is infinitely more valuable. Conducted one-on-one between the manager and employee, Stay Interviews help engagement and retention in the here and now. They provide a wealth of knowledge directly from the source as to what motivates and encourages them as well as helping identify individual triggers, which may cause them to leave. Most often, Stay Interviews are conducted with top performing and ‘high risk’ employees, and they are also a useful tool to check in with long term employees and during periods of workplace change. It’s a great way to demonstrate care and curiosity, letting them know you are also invested in their career and genuinely interested in how they feel about their role and the organisation.